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My Story

I'm Mandy Fernandez, the creator behind Lady Dryad! I am a maker at heart, and design, create, photograph, and then market all of my creations to fellow nature lovers.

Since Lady Dryad's beginning in August 2014, everything has taken off in a way I never expected! As I create new rustic and bohemian styled jewelry and accessories, I've even come to define my own sense of style along with the look for Lady Dryad.

Each and every piece that I create is made from naturally fallen tree branches that I collect, cut, and sand myself before fashioning them into lovely pieces for you to enjoy. I pride myself in the high craftsmanship of my creations, along with the natural beauty that is highlighted uniquely with every piece. They are meant to be strong, durable, and beautiful reminders of the nature that surrounds and strengthens you as you go about your day-to-day life.

Currently, I reside with my loving husband in San Diego, California. Here I am working to grow my small business, and continuing to finesse my style as well as spread the word about Lady Dryad.

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