Elephant Silhouette Necklace

Elephant Silhouette Necklace


Wear this amazing elephant necklace, hand crafted from naturally fallen tree branches gathered from the northern Georgia area. This wood burned elephant necklace serves as a unique little reminder of the nature that surrounds you during your day to day life!

This elephant necklace was made from a piece of maple wood, which I cut, sanded, and then burned with my original elephant artwork, free-handed. After creating this piece, I coated it in polymer resin to add a beautiful shine, and to ensure the wood slice will be protected!

✿Measurements in Inches: approximately 2 inches wide, .25 thick.
✿Wood Slices are coated in polymer resin.
✿Made with brass chain and jewelry findings.
✿Chain is approximately 30 inches in length.
✿This is a completely one of a kind creation and work of art!

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