Flying Bird Earrings

Flying Bird Earrings


Wear these gorgeous flying bird earrings, hand crafted from naturally fallen tree branches gathered from the northern Georgia area. These bird earrings are a unique little reminder of the nature that surrounds you during your day to day life!

I hand carved this pair of flying bird earrings carefully, using pieces of naturally fallen sycamore wood. Each individual earring is unique, and the wood grain on them is absolutely beautiful!

After being delicately carved, I coated these little bird earrings in a luster lacquer finish that keeps them looking bright, colorful, and very protected from water and daily wear.

✿Measurements in Inches: approximately .8 inches wide, .25 inches thick.
✿Measurements in mm: approximately 22 mm wide, and 6.35 mm thick.
✿Wood is coated in luster lacquer finish.
✿Made with sterling silver earring hooks.

These flying bird earrings are a completely one of a kind creation!

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