Merry Catmas Ornament

Merry Catmas Ornament

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This Cat Christmas Ornament is a fun and super cute way to celebrate the Holiday Season!

Each Cat Christmas Ornament was hand sanded and burned with my own design, free-hand. This ensures that every ornament is a unique work of art! I finish each ornament with either natural linseed oil or polymer resin, to bring out the color of the maple wood.

These ornaments make perfect little gifts for the holidays!

✿Measurements in Inches: approximately 3.5 inches in width and .25 inches in thickness.
✿Metric Measurements: approximately 8.9 cm wide, and 6.35 mm thick.
✿Each ornament is hung on a bright red ribbon.
✿Wood Slice is coated in linseed oil or polymer resin
✿Gift wrapping option is available at checkout.

Please remember that due to the nature of the natural materials used, each Cat Christmas Ornament may vary slightly from the one pictured above.

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