Personalized Couples Initials Bracelet

Personalized Couples Initials Bracelet


These amazing personalized couples bracelets are all beautiful, one of a kind creations that I make in my little studio workshop from naturally fallen tree branches from all over northern Georgia.

***The customized wooden bead is made to your specifications, so please let me know which 2 letters to include in the notes section at checkout! Thanks!***

I make these personalized couples bracelets in Small, Medium, and Large sizes based on the length of the suede chain, so that you may easily slide your bracelet on and off without the use of a clasp.

Small: 6 in/ 15.24 cm suede chain
Medium: 7 in/ 17.78 cm suede chain
Large: 8 in/ 20.32 cm suede chain

If you are unsure, the best way to determine your size would be to take a string, wrap it around your wrist, and mark it where the ends first meet. Then hold the string that you marked to a ruler to figure out the circumference of your wrist. Always round up an inch if it is not on an exact whole number, and that will be your size.

Personalized Couples Bracelets are now available with a clasp option! If you choose to add a clasp to your bracelet, it will be a medium sized lobster clasp to the side of the charm.

Due to the nature of the naturally formed materials used, each personalized couples bracelet may alter in appearance slightly from the bracelet photographed above.

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