White Braided Bracelet

White Braided Bracelet


Look like a stunning boho babe with a white braided bracelet. Each button was hand crafted from naturally fallen tree branches gathered from the northern Georgia area. Each and every bracelet is a unique little reminder of the nature that surrounds you during your day to day life!

Each white braided bracelet was carefully made, with a maple woo slice that was cut, sanded, and then coated in natural linseed oil to make the natural grain of the wood stand out.

Every white braided bracelet is one size fits most, and is woven from hemp cord (assorted colors available upon request), with a loop on one end and a button on the other. To wear you simply wrap the bracelet around your wrist, and push the button through the loop to clasp it.

✿Wood Slice Measurements in Inches: approximately .75 inches wide, .125 thick.
✿Wood Slice Measurements in metric: approximately 1.9 cm wide, and 3.18 mm thick.
✿Wood Slices are coated in linseed oil.
✿Made with white hemp cord.

Because each white braided bracelet is handmade from naturally formed materials, every bracelet will differ slightly from the photos.

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